Removing Radio Interference from Behringer Truths

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These days I’m rocking Yamaha HS8’s but this is a helpful guide for those of you using Behringer Truth monitors, which I used for many years.

The monitors served me well for basic tracking, there’s only been one thing that was troublesome – I kept hearing the damn radio through the speakers! It wasn’t horrible, most of my friends couldn’t detect it at all – but I could, I and it drove me crazy. Here’s how I fixed it!

My monitors are fed by a Universal Audio Apollo interface via Mogami Gold balanced interconnects, so I figured it was the power or something internal. A quick test (unplugging the inputs and powering on) proved my hunch right – I could still hear the radio.

Via a Gearslutz thread, I read that, for one owner, it was the LED cable line serving as an antennae, and all I had to do was cut the wires, but I was curious if I could kill the noise, and keep the LEDs.


Philips Head Screwdriver

(2) Snap On Chock-Cores Radio Shack #273-0067 ($3 for two)

(2) Snap On RF Chokes – Radio Shack #273-0104 ($9 for two)



1. Remove the six screws bolting the metal chassis to the wood. There may be glue binding the chassis to the box as well, but a quick tug should take care of that.


2. Snap the big choke around both the signal cables and the LED cables (the three black and one red wires), and the small choke around the LED cables, as shown in the above. Screw that sucker up, and you’re good to go – you get to keep the cables, kill the radio interference, and you don’t even have to void the warranty.

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