How can I buy your products?
I have direct online sales through our website. If you are in Portland, OR, you can arrange for pick up as well.

How long does it take to get an order?
That depends on where in the world you live.
We try to promptly send out products, via priority mail, and ship within a few days of having an order received. If I am on vacation or cannot process orders for any other reason, a banner will interrupt the site saying so – so otherwise expect the order will ship soon.

What is your Return Policy?
In the unlikely event that you, the buyer, purchasing directly from us, the manufacturer, would like to return any SHE product within 7 (seven) days of purchase for full refund (minus shipping charges), there will be a 15% (fifteen percent) restocking fee. Product must be in excellent condition, showing no signs of abuse, and in original packaging. Returns must also be approved ahead of time. I urge you to carefully research the product you want to buy. Not understanding what a module does is not an excuse for a return.

What is your Warranty?
I have no warranty. I can provide Proof of Life videos upon request. If there is an error in workmanship upon my part I will do whatever I can within reason to make you happy. The following are deal breakers, however:

  • Damage from physical abuse such as dropping the unit, impact from hard objects or damage to external components as a result of negligence.
  • Damage due to liquid contamination.
  • Damage resulting from any use other than that it was intended for.
  • Any unit that has been repaired or had an attempted repair made to it by unauthorized personnel.
  • Damage due to incorrect connection, connection to faulty equipment or connection to faulty or incorrect power supplies.
  • Damage in transit as a result of inadequate packaging or protection.

If, after reading this warranty, you feel your SHE product still qualifies as a warranty repair, please contact me via the email link at the bottom of the page. Images and videos would be very helpful.


Do your products include pedals?
Very few of our modules include power cables. These are usually sold with power supplies so it is not often an issue.

Can I use just one freestanding module?
No. You need to have a proper format case with the proper power supply to house and power our modules. Please read each product carefully to determine the format (Eurorack, MOTM, or MU) and power needs.

Do you offer different formats?
Yes, I build in a variety of formats.